About us

The Lovely Binisi kennel was founded in 2002, when after years of experience in training and sports cynology, we decided to devote ourselves to dog breeding and caught our eye at the time, the relatively unknown and little-known Parson Russell terrier breed.

Due to the fact that the independent breed Parson Russell terrier was recognized by the FCI only a short time ago, the breeding base in the Czech Republic was relatively small at the time of our beginnings. For that reason, we decided to go the route of imports from abroad and gradually imported dogs from Holland, Austria and a few from Germany as well.

Our life with terriers

It was an amazing ride with our terriers, we had a lot of fun with them, they had to solve a lot of problems, we met a lot of excellent people, whether among the owners of our puppies or among fellow breeders. Nevertheless, we decided to stop breeding terriers in 2012. Caring for puppies is extremely demanding, it requires a lot of work and, above all, time, and we didn't get that due to our workload and growing family. However, we definitely did not resent Parson Russell and a dog of this breed is part of our pack even today :-)

When we decided to return to dog breeding years later, we started looking for a reasonably large, non-shedding breed without a hunting instinct. The selection was difficult, it actually took several years, until a single visit to the kennel Ze Sulická tvrze by Mrs. Stáni Janická made the decision. It was love for lagots at first sight, and in a few months we brought our first lagot female named Jonia Nikita from Sulická tvrza from Stáni.

Lagotto Romagnolo